The Hawai‘i Movie and Television Book

The Hawai‘i Movie and Television Book

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Celebrating 100 Years of Film Production Throughout the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawai‘i Movie and Television Book documents, with production information and critical commentary, the Hollywood films and television shows made in Hawai‘i since 1995 to the present while spotlighting significant film achievements of the past. It also covers television and the iconic fictional island crime fighters. In addition, the book includes an Island film location guide to sites accessible to the general public and a history of the present-day Hawai‘i film industry.

Hawai‘i played a role in the formative years of Hollywood. It shares a legacy that began a hundred years ago with the consolidating of the U.S. film industry on the West Coast at the beginning of the twentieth century spanning the first feature films made in 1913 through its territorial status, World War II, statehood and now into the current twenty-first century.

Since 1995, more than fifty major Hollywood theatrical feature films were made in the Hawaiian Islands, many of them blockbuster productions, with at least an additional twenty-five broadcast network and cable episodic TV shows. Much of the recent surge in film activity is due in large part to Hawai‘i’s economic initiatives to attract filmmakers and to the development of a local and experienced professional workforce and support services.